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Focus on what really matters. Leave the

naming to us.

We know that getting a good naming for your project can become a headache and take too much time from you.

That's why our mission at Naming Fab is to provide you with handcrafted naming ideas in an easy and fast way so it does not become a stopper for your project.

How it works

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Select your plan

Pick the plan according to the number of names, delivery time and other services you wish that can help you make a better and more informed decision, like available domains.

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Brief & Order

Complete some short questions about your project and brand preferences so we have some background info and complete the payment process so we receive your order.

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Get your names

Based on the insights you provided, we'll create a shortlist of names that you will get directly in your inbox in a PDF dossier with all the complementary information.

Choose a plan that suits

your business needs



One time fee

  • 6 handcrafted names
  • Linguistic check
  • Rationale behind each idea




One time fee

  • 10 handcrafted names
  • Available domains research
  • Linguistic check
  • Rationale behind each idea
  • 1 FREE revision included


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One time fee

  • 20 handcrafted names
  • Available domains research
  • Linguistic check
  • Rationale behind each idea
  • 2 FREE revisions included


No plan fits your needs? Get in touch to ask for a customized plan

Extra services. Just in case.

Our superskilled team and our marvelous partners can help you bring your idea to reality.

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Logo and Brand identity

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Trademark validation

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Professional decks


These are just some of the +1000 names we've generated over the years that have helped to create new brands, products and companies.

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eCommerce and brands

Software & Apps

Content platforms

About us

We are entrepreneurs and marketers passionate about building new products and brands, and specially, about creating powerful names for them.

We've worked for every type of company: from small startups and SMEs to publicly listed corporations like BBVA or large global tech companies like Google.

These +10 years of experience and hundreds of names and brands crafted for new projects and products have allowed us to leverage our knowledge to create our own successful framework for generating customized namings.

What is people saying?

"Amazing service. Very useful for entrepreneurs stuck when naming

its startup. Fast and simple."

"We always see companies struggling to find a name, when they should be focus on their businesses. NamingFab solves it."

Álvaro Reguera, CEO @Keytrends.ai

Marcos Guasp, Marketing Coordinator @Google

"Very happy with NamingFab. They provide us with great ideas for our new company name -and domains-. Superb"

Jesús Manjón, Managing Director @SaunasLuxe


  • What will I receive after selecting the plan and paying?

We will send to your inbox a dossier in pdf format including the list of names, their meaning and rationale behind them, and the other services included in your plan (available domains research, linguistic check...) totally customized and handcrafted according to the provided insights.

  • What is the "linguistic check"?

We check the meaning of the naming (or parts of it) in almost every language in the world, so we make sure you can use it properly without any negative surprise, validating its ease of use and cultural acceptability -or potential handicaps to take into account- for specific countries.

  • What happens if I don't like any of the names?

If your plan includes "revisions", you can ask for another round of names for FREE starting from some of the concepts you did like, or go completely from scratch. You will get up to 5 more names in the Essential Plan and 10 in the Top Tier.

  • What payment methods do you offer? Is it safe?

We use Stripe to process all the payments, so you can pay with almost any credit card in the world in a safe and simple way.

  • Can I get an invoice after the payment?

Of course. Please just let us know once you have received your naming list or right after the payment. We just need your company information, address and tax number.

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Any other question?


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Transparent. Cheap. Seamless.

Pick your plan and obtain your handcrafted shortlist of naming ideas for your project now.

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